Traitor's Blade


In his debut novel, TRAITOR’S BLADE,

Sebastien de Castell has created a fantastic swashbuckling adventure reminiscent of Alexandre Dumas’s The Three Musketeers with a touch of George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones.
Stirred to write a novel about fallen heroes in a world where concepts such as justice and honour have become corrupted, de Castell created the character of Falcio val Mond, First Cantor of the Greatcoats.
(July 15, 2014; Jo Fletcher Books/Quercus; Hardcover; $26.99)

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Dave Duncan

bestselling author of The King’s Blade series

“Some books you can't put down. This one won't even let you try; it whirls you along in a wild dance of fights, treachery, and jaw-dropping surprises."

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"With a tip of his hat to Alexandre Dumas, Sebastien de Castell makes a fine first impression in this entertaining debut…"

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Fantasy Book Critic

“Traitor's Blade is the first ‘new’ fantasy of 2014 that met and even exceeded my expectations.”

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Kenton Hansen

Books & Whatnot

"It was 2:00 am before I physically made myself quit reading, and I couldn’t wait to pick up the book the next morning."

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About the author:

Sebastien de Castell had just finished a degree in Archaeology when he started work on his first job. Four hours later he realized how much he hated archaeology and left to pursue a very focused career as a musician, ombudsman, interaction designer, fight choreographer, teacher, project manager, actor, and product strategist. He lives in Vancouver with his wife, where he is director of strategic program development at the Vancouver Film School.

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Falcio had it all: serving as a beacon of justice for the people, two best friends and brothers in arms, fantastic skill with a sword, and a King set on righting the wrong in the world—until it all came crashing down one day.

After the King’s untimely demise, Tristia is on the verge of collapse as each Ducal house vies for supremacy. As chaos descends upon the land, Falcio and the rest of the King’s magistrates, also known as the Greatcoats, are forced to disband and are labeled traitors by the Dukes.

All Falcio has left are his two best friends, Brasti and Kent, the ridicule of the people he once protected, and a mysterious mission left by his beloved King. With his mission as his only solace, Falcio is willing to do anything to see it through—even if it means reuniting the Greatcoats and taking the Dukes head-on.

Says de Castell of the experience of writing TRAITOR’S BLADE, which has already drawn numerous rave reviews from bestselling authors and media outlets months before publication:

“I think that, as with most writers, every experience becomes a tool you can use in your storytelling. My degree is in archaeology and that inspired me to want to show Falcio’s own buried history inside Traitor’s Blade - so that events in the present are informed by the little pieces of evidence from his past.

The fight scenes are inspired in part by my experience as a sword choreographer for the theatre. Those jobs taught me that every fight has to be a story in and of itself, and every moment within the fight needs to be as specific to the character as their lines of dialogue.”

Sebastien de Castell has created a spectacular tale of hope, betrayal, love, and loss that keeps the reader on edge till the very last chapter… because in Tristia every noble is a tyrant, every knight is a thug, and the only thing you can really trust is a traitor’s blade.

By Sebastien de Castell

The fall from the second-floor window of the inn played against my strength. Kest was inhumanly coordinated; he could probably fall from the top of a tower without hurting himself. Brasti was unbelievably lucky and managed to hit a wide awning above the rear entrance. He slid down to the cobblestone courtyard. I was neither agile nor lucky, so I just kind of fell. Hard.

As I rose to my feet I saw eight men arrayed in front of us, all armed with pikes. I hate pikes almost as much as I hate magic. Twelve feet long with a sturdy wooden shaft and a wicked iron spearhead, properly grounded, a pike had enough stopping power to take down a Knight charging in on an armored warhorse. At the same time, it was a simple enough weapon that even an amateur could wield it effectively in battle. And the more men you had with pikes, the easier it was to take out a group of swordsmen, regardless of their skill.

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